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Why participate?

Yazzy’s deals virtually exclusively with Verdult art work. Conducting over 5,000 auctions and selling hundreds of limited edition lithographs and original paintings, the Corporation, with its cutting edge websites and blogs, is the premier destination for Verdult art.

Frequently major auction houses say we are the place to go for Verdult art work. We have conducted over 5,000 auctions of Verdult artwork and counting. As a public reporting company, we have audits by the Security and Exchange Commission registered Certified Public Accountants including Verdult art, and often commissioned the National Institute of Appraisers to conduct independent appraisals of Verdult art.


We are the only site on the Internet, and the only entity in existence that specifically tracks the market - primarily cash market - for the artwork of William Joseph Verdult.

We actively track and have verifiable records of cash sales for Verdult art.

To enhance shareholder value, we work with key on-line sites that track major artists' work to include William Joseph Verdult’s artwork in their data base. who recently signed an agreement with Sotheby's’ and other major on-line art locations and galleries are now beginning to maintain a list of works by William Joseph Verdult.

We work closely with owners, museums and major organizations to exhibit and promote artwork.

We have conducted thousands of auctions of Verdult art with hundreds of cash sales of both lithographs and original works.


In selling your art in Yazzy’s Fine Art Selling Program you can take advantage of the years of expertise in developing and creating the ‘cash market’ for Verdult art. Participating in Yazzy’s Private By Invitation Only Auctions places your art in front of ‘cash’ buyers who are already familiar with the value and opportunities in Verdult art.

Many other private as well as public network selling opportunities exist to sell your art through Yazzy’s Selling network. In addition, we have an aggressive marketing and press release program on average over 115,000 people regularly read and download our releases.

If you have a painting you wish to sell, Yazzy's can help you through the entire process.