Adobe PDFs and instant eBooks: what are they?

An eBook is also known as a electronic book. Yazzy's at uses Adobe Reader ( Free copy Adobe Reader click here.) for all of its eBooks and provides them as "PDFs".

We then take our eBooks and put them inside compression software, or "ZIP" the file. This makes download time just a little bit faster for our dial-up internet connection friends. It also makes it easy to combine all the bonus files (if any) into one convenient download file.

Essentially, our electronic books are books to read on your computer (you may also print them on your own printer - but only one copy for personal use under our copyrights).

An eBook file would look a lot like this when open on your computer (though bigger of course):


Adobe Reader is a versatile program that will allow you to page through the book, change how big the pages are (great for tired eyes) and search the book using the "Edit > Search" file function.

For more specific details on how to use the free Adobe Reader software, please visit To get a Free copy of Adobe Reader click here.