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Yazzy's Fine Art Corporation is offering a William Verdult fine Art Financing Program for art lovers and investors.

The art market is experiencing a record increase in growth. There has been a lot of news about this growth and increase in art prices.

In the past, only the most wealthiest individuals banking with private wealth sections in prestigious top flight banks were able secure loans to acquire art. The Corporation has a fine art loan financing program that will allow you to both acquire and enjoy original fine art from a listed artist; at great prices too!

Our art financing program is designed for investors and art lovers who understand and appreciates great value.

  • Program Benefits
  1. Get a valuable appraised asset below full market value.
  2. Take advantage of legal strategies to reduce your taxes saving more money for other investments, savings, or life enjoyment; like that vacation you have been perhaps putting off!
  3. Immediately increase your personal net worth for pennies on the dollar.
  4. Easy access to generous credit lines.
  5. Competitive and low interest rates.
  6. Asset appraised by an independent 3rd party appraiser over 20 years sanctioned by Government agencies including the IRS; the appraiser has never been overturned or reversed by the IRS or insurance agency.
  7. Asset can an be used as collateral and bank loans.
  8. The art market as an asset class is experiencing record growth. You can be apart of that growth.
  9. Your purchase can be used as a tax write off and charitable donation.
  10. Asset can be used as a credit builder and credit/trade reference.
  11. Smart Buy - maintain cash flow, build business credit; stretch your budget.
  12. For business owners, Interest  paid can be used as a business tax write off.
  • How the Program Works
  • The program is simple, easy to enroll, and fast decisions and delivery of art.

    1. You select the art.
    2. Your purchase price is set at one half the value of the appraised price of the artwork or if an auction your bid price. (1)
    3. You pay a down payment of 10-30% of the purchase price.
    4. You pay monthly payments on the balance. (2)
    5. You have up to 120 months to pay for the artwork. (3)
    6. Once the down payment is made, the artwork is shipped to you framed and insured.
  • Type of art available to be finance
    • Original works by William Verdult, including oil on canvas, artist paper, and board.
    • Size - varies
    • Price - up to $250,000.00
  • Take these easy steps to finance Your art
    1.  Read about the program benefits (you are doing this now)
    2. Complete the Sign Up form here
    3. Pay the Program Entree Fee
    4. Questions about the program- FAQs

During the term of the loan, the artwork must remain in your possession and can not be sold unless the Corporation expressly agree to the action in writing. Insurance must be maintained on the artwork and the beneficiary of the insurance must be the Corporation.

    (1) The artwork is appraised by a 3rd party government sanctioned independent appraiser.

    (2) The Interest rate ranges from 5.5% to 10.5%.

    (3) Though you do not require excellent credit to qualify, buyers' credit will be reviewed.