Surround yourself with Matisse's art in Nice chapel, Yazzy's at

bildeHow often do you get the chance to step inside a work of art? It's possible near Nice on the Côte d'Azur on the Mediterranean.

Henri Matisse's Chapelle du Rosaire is "a work filled with exuberance and brilliant color," as described by international art lecturer Olivier Bernier.

Nice itself is full of art opportunities and just outside, in and around Vence (less than 10 miles from Nice), you can see the chapel as well as the medieval village of Saint-Paul de Vence (full of galleries) and a stunning collection of 20th-century art.

By the late 1930s, Matisse had moved to the south of France, attracted by the beautiful light and the villages. In 1941, Matisse was operated on for colon cancer. His nurse later became a nun, and when he went to see her in the late 1940s and asked her what she needed, she said, "a chapel."

Matisse became "passionately interested" in the Chapel of the Rosary project, says Bernier. He designed everything: the vestments, the crucifix, the altar, the roof. Because light and color were so important to him, he wanted to use them in a new way.

Even on the outside, you recognize Matisse's simple blue lines on the white building. Inside, the chapel is smaller than you might expect, but more breathtaking in its intensity -- all-white high walls. They reflect the two windows of stained glass of azure blue, turquoise green and lemon yellow.

When the sun is out, the colors of the windows reflect on the white walls. What photos cannot seem to capture is the intensity of the color. Art aficionados will see a familiar form in the windows: Matisse's tropical leaf, a favorite motif.

On the wall near the altar, which is set at an angle, there is a simple figure of St. Dominic. Other walls display the stations of the cross. The simplicity is stunning.

"Matisse spent his entire life taking away. Less is more," and this is proof positive, says Bernier.

In the rooms outside the chapel are renderings from Matisse's studies and ideas for the chapel -- with different colors and tones that are equally stunning.

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Building self-confidence through art, Yazzy's at

YPC-21XCE35-2.jpgAccording to the Boston Globe after more than a decade of renting space in downtown Lynn, Raw Art Works - an arts therapy program for at-risk youth - now owns the building and is opening its first public gallery on the ground floor.

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"There are so many people in the area who don't know we exist," said Mary Flannery, who founded RAW in 1988 and moved the nonprofit to Lynn in 1994. "And we are a nationally known organization. We'll get tremendous exposure being on the ground floor."

The gallery opened Thursday with a show of work by RAW artists called "Reach." Its annual fund-raiser - the one night a year work by RAW students and alumni is put up for sale - is Saturday.

The idea behind RAW is that children and teenagers, ages 6 to 19, create artwork and develop self-confidence and life skills through 20 free programs led by artists and art therapists.

There are visual arts groups, a film school, mentoring and leadership programs, and a college preparation program. More than 400 young people attend RAW's weekly groups and another 300 participate in outreach programs.

The move to buy the building at 37 Central Square began when the city's Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, which owned and occupied part of the building, decided to sell.

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The Art Investing Group, LLC Announces Private Equity Fund for Art, Yazzy's at

YPC-21XCE94-2.jpgCLEARWATER, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Formed May 1, 2008, The Art Investing Group, LLC, (AIG) a Delaware limited liability company (the General Partner) and Art Investing Group, LLP (the Investment Manager) announced a Private Equity Fund, which seeks to create long-term value by participating in opportunistic investments in iconic, museum quality fine art.

AIGs private equity investments consist of limited partner interests in AIGs private equity funds. AIG makes its investments through its Global Art Investing Master Fund, Ltd., an exempted company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of the Cayman Islands on March 20, 2008. The investment professionals of the Investment Manager and its affiliates collectively represent over 150 years of corporate business management, market research, asset management and structured finance; and over 130 years of experience in the art industry. Furthermore, the Investment Manager works with major galleries, museums, private collectors and auction houses.

The Partnership is uniquely qualified to assist Wealth Managers and Alternative Investment Advisors in helping their accredited investors integrate art assets into their portfolios for either U.S. or International clients; and offers flexibility through AIGs master-feeder structure.

The Partnership seeks to provide investors (high net worth individuals, foundations, endowments and employee benefit plans) with a superior long-term, risk-adjusted return through strategically purchasing and selling paintings, works on paper, sculpture and photographs that demonstrate a high potential for increased future value. To obtain its investment objectives, the Investment Manager has developed an investment approach that seeks to combine the specialized knowledge of art experts with the rigors of investment management. The Partnership seeks to earn returns superior to the average reported returns of Mei-Moses All Art Index.

The Partnership seeks to grant investors exposure to art as an asset investment class. The Investment Manager believes that the fine art market remains highly inefficient, creating an investment opportunity for out-performance through active management. This allows investors, through their interest in the Partnership, to own many artworks in diverse media and styles.

Through its activities, the Investment Manager seeks to provide investors with:

  • Positive long-term returns superior to the industry average
  • Diversification benefits
  • Downside risk protection



Russian Art Market Shaken as 800 Paintings Revealed to Be Fakes, Yazzy's at

dataAcording to Bloomberg News-- Russia's booming art market is facing the worst crisis of confidence in the post-Soviet era as hundreds of paintings have been identified as fakes, said dealers and collectors.

About 800 works, most still in private collections, are listed in ``The Catalog of Fraudulent Art Works'' now on its fourth volume. There are ``possibly thousands more'' still to be named, its co-author Vladimir Roschin said in an interview. The 800 pictures wrongly authenticated by venerable institutions include almost 100 cleared by the State Tretyakov Gallery, its deputy director Lidia Iovleva said in a separate interview.

``Sales in Moscow of 19th-century Russian art have fallen because of the hysteria over fakes,'' said Georgy Putnikov, vice president of the Confederation of Art and Antique Dealers. The Moscow-based association claimed the catalog and its sponsors are ``destabilizing the market'' and ``destroying consumer confidence.''

Dealers and collectors said prices for more expensive works on the Russian art market have risen 20 to 30 fold over the past decade. Sotheby's, the biggest seller of Russian art, said sales in 2007 were $190.9 million, up 31-fold on 2000. Led by commodities and energy exports, Russia's economy has grown every year since 1999, creating a business and political elite eager to acquire fine art and luxury goods.

The catalog has prompted collectors to return at least 55 paintings to dealers, said Roschin. His partner is Rossvyaz Okhrankultura, a state watchdog agency for culture and the media. Roschin said the 800 fakes, if they had been genuine, would net $100 million.

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Recpa; Indian Billionaire Ambani Sells Sculptures to Aid Young Artists, Yazzy's at

DBloomberg News-- Indian billionaire Anil Ambani will sell 12 artworks to raise cash for a charity run by his wife Tina, a former Bollywood star, Christie's International said.

The paintings and sculptures may raise more than 100,000 pounds ($197,000) in a London sale on June 11, and are being offered by Harmony Art Foundation in association with Barclays Wealth, the auction house said in an e-mailed statement. Proceeds will go to Harmony, a nonprofit organization founded by Tina Ambani that supports the work of emerging artists.

Anil Ambani, ranked by Forbes as the sixth richest man in the world with an estimated wealth of $42 billion, is also putting 32 works from his private collection on display at Christie's in London on June 7-10, ahead of the sale of South Asian modern and contemporary art. Ambani's father founded the Reliance Group of companies.

Christie's said the exhibition will include modern paintings by members of the Bombay Progressive Group as well as works by contemporary Indian artists such as Atul Dodiya and T.V. Santhosh.

``This is an opportunity to showcase the work of two of the most formidable art collectors and philanthropists in India,'' Amin Jaffer, Christie's international director of Asian art, said in a telephone interview. ``Demand for contemporary Indian art has become a global phenomenon. The rate of growth has been spectacular.''

Price Rises

Over the last 10 years, the Indian contemporary art price index has surged 830 percent, according to research by French- based art-market data provider Artprice.

Charles Saatchi is among the field's most prominent international collectors. His Internet site http://www.saatchi- features ``The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today'' on its list of forthcoming exhibitions at his yet-to-open museum in Chelsea, southwest London.

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