Art Selling Request

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Art Selling Program

Take these four easy steps to participate in the Selling Program:

  1. Complete the form below;
  2. Afterwards you will be presented with an invoice link as well as receive an email instructing you to pay the initial fee of $999 to 5,000 depending on the number of paintings by credit card;
  3. Email or upload your images and documents using the Upload Images link above. Please send us a) an image of your artwork, b) Certificate of Authenticity "COA", and c) letter of provenance, invoice and/or receipt of the original purchase. 
  4. Download your listing contract (see Documents Link above) and email or fax your listing contract  to us. The fax number is on the documents.
Painting Price and Quantity Discounts
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1   $999.00 ea.
2 $200.00 ea. $799.00 ea.
3 $300.00 ea. $699.00 ea.
4 $400.00 ea. $599.00 ea.
5 $500.00 ea. $499.00 ea.
Note: Quantity discounts shown above will be automatically applied to your order.
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