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Our Art Consultation Service provides you with an up to date and independent voice on all matters pertaining to your Verdult art investment.

Whether you require expert consultation services involving Verdult art for estate planning, tax advantage planning, charitable contributions, bank financing and collateral, insurance matters and claims, general investments matters, or a call to speak with your financial backer, with over 5,000 auctions, sales, appraisals, and insurance claims we are experts in the field of Verdult art.

Our corporation and its web sites and our extensive data and records are recognized by the Major Auction Houses as the authority on Verdult sales, valuations and market trends.

We track and supply major web sites such as with trends, prices, market value, and sales figures on Verdult art.

In addition to providing consulting services, we can serve as an independent voice speaking directly with bankers, accounting professionals, financial advisers, lawyers and or estate planners in evaluating and making strategic planning decisions involving Verdult art. In such cases the Chief Executive Officer and or another designated official will consult with and provide expert opinions and trends either with you directly or with your adviser including banker, financial adviser, accountant, art consultant, and lawyer and or estate planner.

Consulting services include tax reduction through charitable giving and trust strategies.

  • Follow-on and Special Consulting Services provide you with in-depth information to help you maximize your Verdult artwork.
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    3. After receipt of payment, we will send you a link to a calendar and you can schedule the best time for you to consult with us.
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