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Request for a Letter of Estimate and Determinate Value

You may be in a unique situation and require a letter of estimated or determinate value.

  • Take these easy steps to receive a letter of Estimate or Determinate Value

    1. Complete the Request Form below.
    2. After receipt of payment we will notify you that we are processing your letter.
    3. If required, we will consult with you by email or phone.
    4. After we complete the letter we will send the original by mail, email, fax, or Federal Express per your instructions and send a copy to you by email.

    (Note: Letters will be dispatched within 48 hours after your request. If you required express services, let us know in the comments section below.)

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Unique situations may involve individuals who, for example, are looking for funding with their bank and plan on using their art as collateral; in proceedings involving divorce and estate settlements where there is a question about value; accounting, as well as insurance and other value requirements.

In these cases we will prepare a letter signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and or another designated official attesting to the value of your particular artwork. The Corporation is in the unique position of conducting and reviewing Verdult auctions totaling over 5,000 and counting. In addition to tracking Corporate auctions, sales not involving auctions, the Corporation hires a national independent third party appraiser who specializes in Verdult art to provide full market value appraisals. These appraisals, auction sales, insurance claims, and other market value actions, are the basis of our letters of Estimates and Determinate Value.

Major auction houses say we are the place to go for valuations and to get Verdult art work. We have conducted auctions of Verdult art totaling over 5,000 and counting.

These values are not designed to replace the work of a qualified independent appraiser who specializes in Verdult art. They are designed to provide an estimate of value and market conditions based upon the Corporation’s data base and experience with Verdult auctions, sales, and insurance claims.

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