The Verdult- Media, Money and Museum Kit

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Verdult’s MM& M Kit is designed to give serious investors, art lovers, banking officials, and institutions a complete and comprehensive review of William Verdult and his art. The kit contains, 7 power packed books that are must haves in setting up your collection, working with museums, the media, and money people; including banks, insurance companies, appraisers and financial backers and lending institutions.

They all have used the MM&M kit to help them make sound financial decisions, including insurance, investment, buy/sale, and lending decisions. Each part of the MM&M Kit is packed with information that can help you make sound financial decisions concerning your Verdult art.


Buy the entire collection and save $100. The Verdult's Media, Money and Museum Kit is recommended reading for anyone with a desire to not only know Verdult art, but to get maximum value from your investment. Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender, insurer, or simply interested in getting the facts, get the Media, Money, and Museum Kit.


  • Features all seven books at a superior price!
    • Official Scrapbook - Verdult
    • Official Bio - Verdult
    • Quick Take & Facts - Verdult
    • Book of Appraisals - Originals
    • Book of Appraisals - Lithographs
    • Kings & Queens of Europe
    • The Tut Collection 

  • Jam packed with exhibits, records of sales, bios, the life of Verdult, the works that make you the most money and much more.
  • Color
  • Downloadable