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  • In 1939 events were occurring in Europe which was unparalleled in history. None yet knew the seriousness which was to result. Hitler ranted of war and the conquest of Europe and the world. Tension was everywhere.
  • Not many dared predict the German fanatic; and all remembered the horrors of 1914-1918. The appalling chill of war sickened the emotions. Some of the smaller countries like Belgium and Holland had much to fear, for what was their strength compared to the Nazi legions?
  • There were some individuals who refused to be intimidated by what appeared to be impossible odds. For a second time in a generation these men pledged their lives to freedom and the protection of their homes and countries. An underground became the weapon of these brave citizens, among who was Adrian Verdult, citizen of the Dutch town of Putte, N. Br. on the Belgium-Holland border. He was a baker by trade; by reputation an expert in his field and a brave, honest man.
  • The year was 1950. William was 11 years old. His father, disillusioned with post-war Holland-, made plans to immigrate to the United States, but all was not easily accomplished.
  • North Dakota at last, but William was not to enjoy it immediately. Again he was 11, very near death, and confi ned to bed for a year.Summer was arriving when he got up and the country was golden and hot. In the distance were the black mountains, and the prairie stretched away into the memories of Holland. Always he carried that with him. But Dakota had native Americans. What great delight he had watching them with beads, braids red skins and proud graceful bearing. Here were new ideas to paint.
  • Always there were faces- elderly, sick, broken, brave, lined, young, fresh, secretive, hard, beautiful, laughing, healthy, black, yellow, white, red, brown, and every combination. He saw them all. He read the varied yet repeated history of humanity. He was often swept up by them and became one of them in their celebrations, disappointments, and their holidays.
  • By this time the family had moved to California, and in 1960 at the age of 21, he followed.
  • later.....
    By now he had come to the attention of older, renowned artists who admired his work and foresaw an even greater potential. Among these was Peter Paul Ott, of Laguna, world famous sculptor.
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