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A Special Message for Advisers

Ever wonder how you can help your client implement tax reduction strategies in line with the IRS code saving them thousands of dollars while doing some good at the same time? Then consider referring your clients to Yazzy’s Fine Art Charitable Donation Program.

  • The program is designed to allow your client to acquire artwork from a listed American artist at a significant savings, donate that artwork to a worthy charity, and in certain situations receive a significant tax write-off – up to 50% of their gross income.
  • As a tax professional and trusted advisor you know the importance of placing your clients in a program that saves them time, money and most important is a safe and legitimate tax reduction strategy in-line with the IRS code.
  • Yazzy’s Fine Art Charitable Donation Program helps you develop tax reduction strategies for your client:
  1. Matching your client with an emerging asset class – fine art - at extremely reasonable rates;
  2. Helps identify a qualified appraiser familiar with IRS regulations and codes for the donation of the assets;
  3. Match your client with a worthy tax-exempt charity that can make reasonable use of that asset in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the code;
  4. Gives you peace of mind knowing that your client is doing things the right way.
  • Join our Yazzy’s Fine Art Charitable Donation Program and help save your client money through tax reduction strategies. In addition, give them the peace of mind knowing that not only have they helped a good cause – they have helped in the right way!
  • Join our referral program and receive cash compensation for your efforts!
    Who is the artist and what is the value of the artwork?
    The donated art value ranges from $20,000 to $45,000.

What about the artwork?

The artist is William Verdult - a listed American artist.

We are looking for select individuals who want to implement tax reduction strategies strictly in line with the IRS code while doing some good in their communities at the same time.

Who is the program designed for?
Art lovers, investors as well as people in general who have acquired high value artwork, who want to maximize their investment by securing the appropriate and legitimate tax write-off while doing good in communities across the country and elsewhere.

Who are the charitable organizations?

  • Qualified tax exempt organizations with worthy causes who are doing good in their communities and meet the specific criteria.

In order to qualify the organization must:

  1. Be Tax exempt 501 3 (c) or a similar such organization
  2. Agree to use the art in conjunction with the organization’s mission and purpose
  3. Agree not to sell or dispose of the art for three years
  4. Agree to complete the appropriate gifting paperwork – Form 8283
  5. Agree to exhibit the art where the public or those persons served by the organization can easily see the art.

Who appraises the art?

  • Appraisals are conducted by Mr. Ed Okil of the Executive Director of the National Institute of Appraisers. Mr. Okil is a certified and highly qualified appraiser who has considerable experience in conducting appraisals in accordance with IRS tax codes.

Who are we?

  • We are a for profit corporation that has conducted over 2,900 auctions of art work by William Verdult. In the past we have given to the Jackie Joyner Kersey Foundation and found the experience to be rewarding.
  • We have a number of art lovers and investors who have acquired art from us and either the donor or their accountant and or investment advisor have approached our Corporation about making a donation or gifting one of their paintings to a worthy cause.
  • We are headquartered in Charlotte, NC and have sold originals and lithographs to art lovers in most states and Canada.

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