William Verdult Quick Take Fact Book

The Quick Take Publication, developed by Yazzy's at according to Christie’s and Sotheby’s “the authority on Verdult art, “ provides a quick over view of Verdult, his background, exhibits, sales, trends, what major sites and institutions carry his works and more. Its purpose is to provide interested people with a quick and ready reference to Verdult and his market, lending and investment potential. This is a great ready reference for investors, buyers, sellers and lenders.

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  • William Joseph Verdult , “the Dutch Master”Born: April 7, 1939 in the Dutch town of Putte, Netherlands.
  • Lived/Active: North Dakota, New York, California, Hawaii, and Florida.
  • Often Known For: Diverse style, in classical, portraits, contemporary, abstract, landscape, nature, still life,Treasures of King Tut series, Kings and Queens of Europe series consist of diamonds, gold, and other precious stones.
  • William Joseph Verdult known as the “Dutch Master” was born April 7, 1939 in Putte, Netherlands on the Belgium-Holland border.
  • Although William did not follow the traditional museum route in displaying and promoting his works, his art followers and personal friends include a list of who's who in Hollywood highlighted by his close friendship with Telly Savalas.Documented receipts and records of sales of his art show his art appraising and selling for several hundred thousand dollars.A true philanthropist he has donated money and many of his works to charity, state governments, educational centers and foundations.
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