Why do I need to register?

Yazzy's users can access some services - including some web-based content - without having to register. Some services do require us to personalize the service in some way, so you do need to register for the following:

  • Free Biography of William Verdult
  • Verdult Market Watch and pricing trends.
  • Exhibits of Verdult works worldwide.
  • Auctions and selling programs.
  • How to Sell your Verdult
  • The Gallery - personal pictures of Verdult and family
  • The Library - containing books and publications and writings by or about Verdult.
  • Free previews of books and publications.
  • To take advantage of free services and tips on value of Verdult art.
  • We need to know who you are to allow you to post messages and comments directly without going through the moderation process under your own username. We also monitor our site and we need to be able to exclude users if they are in breach of our policies.

· Email services. We need to know your email address in order to send you the email services you have requested.

· We need to register you in order to keep your saved content and features in the right place and give you access to them later.

· The site as certain restricted areas tailored to specific users. For example if you have purchased art or other products from us, then you have access rights different from the general public. If you are a Founding Member then you have access to most of the paid areas on the site which keeps you updated on the very latest sales and appraisals of Verdult artwork and much more. 

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