Have a Verdult painting and want to know its real value?
Let us tell you. We have held nearly 5,000 Verdult auctions!


Formal Appraisal Cost: $775+ Time: 14 -20 days  
If you need a formal appraisal by an independent third party that specializes in Verdult art work for insurance, loan, asset, or Internal Revenue purpose, you more than likely will need a Formal Appraisal.
Certificate of Authenticity Cost $599 Time: 1 hr – 48 hrs       Buy Now  
Need a Certificate of Authenticity and Insurance Appraisal (or COA) for Verdult art? We provide all types including originals, lithographs/reproductions, and sculptures. A new certificate of authenticity is recommended periodically.This document (COA) is important not only from a provenance (ownership paper trail) standpoint, but also from as I've indicated an insurance replacement or insurance claim standpoint. It is also important for tax donations as well.
Letter of Estimate and Determinate Value Cost $199.99 Time: 1 hr – 48 hrs       Buy Now  
If you have questions about the value of one or more pieces of artwork because you are involved in a court action such as a divorce, working with investors or lenders, and your budget is tight, you may want to get a letter of estimated value.
CEO Consulting Services Cost $299.00 Time: 24 hrs       Buy Now  
Our Art Consultation Service provides you with an up to date and independent voice on all matters pertaining to your Verdult art investment. Tree Programs are avialable: CEO Consulting Services Buy Now | Follow-on Consulting Services Buy Now | Special Consulting Services Buy Now |.
Book of Appraisals Cost $249+ Time: Immediate  
If you are working on a large investment project and have some heavy lifting to do and want to review Verdult formal appraisals whether originals or lithographs for the past 20 years or so, completed by an independent third party who is an expert on Verdult art, then you want to get The Book of Appraisals Originals or The Book of Appraisals Lithographs.
Quick 50 Cost $99.99 Time: Immediate  
If you need to save money and need to know the approximate range of your original artwork’s appraised value or just want to keep up with the appraised value market, then the Quick 50 may be right for you. The Quick 50 provides a quick summary of the last 50 or more appraisal reports. It provides, in summary form, a quick picture of values including the type of art work, appraised value, and COA value recorded so you can compare it to your artwork that you have or that you may be consider buying. Sortbale list available at additional cost.
Quick Fix Cost $49.99 Time:1-24 hrs  
If you want to know the value of your art based upon a specific criteria, for example, all art that is an abstract painting that is oil on canvas and that has appraised in the last 5 years then a Quick Fix sort will provide you the answer. Sortbale list available at additional cost.