Verdult Tut Collection

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The King Tut collection provides the media, investors, lenders, and owners with clear and concise information as well as the creditability of William Verdult’s work.

For: media, investors, lenders and owners.
“With the opening of the Dutch Master William Verdult’s rendition of the King Tut Collection
at Northeast College. The collection is extraordinary; in fact, it is brilliant.” By Margaret L. Forde, Ed.D
President, Northeast College, Houston, TX.



The Dutch Master’s King Tut Collection will led to the implementation of an art program and permanent gallery at the Northeast Campus. The gallery serves as avenue for art exhibits. The art program will promote student enrollment which could lead a student toward securing lucrative employment in the arts.¬†


  • A complete full color render of the King Tut Collection last exhibited in Houston, Texas. Portion of the collection are on display throughout the United States.
  • Downloadable