William Verdult Black Pottery Special Edition

For the first time ever Verdult's King Tut renderings are combined with China’s black pottery providing rare, exceptional one of a kind artwork.

Combining the significant works of William Verdult with China’s ancient and rare black pottery, Verdult’s King Tut Black Pottery Special Editionprovides investors, collectors, and art enthusiasts with an opportunity to own Verdult artwork that are truly rare.

The King Tut Black Pottery Special Edition retails for over $37,500.00.

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As a listed artist Verdult’s King Tut renditions are known internationally, coupled with the grace, ageless beauty and magnificent charm of China’s ancient black pottery and you have a limited and rare edition of Verdult work previously not available anywhere.

Known for its simple shapes, graceful carvings and beauty, China’s black pottery dates back nearly 5,000 years. Early works first appeared in B.C. 1810. The black pottery process uses natural resources formed over one million years ago to produce a product that is black as pitch, as bright as a mirror, and solid as rock. Making black pottery is complex. The burning process is difficult producing a low yield that does not fade, change color, or erode resulting in rare works lasting for a lifetime.

Each special work in the edition is individually hand crafted with the image created by Verdult transported by hand. The magnificent works are individually numbered identifying the work as part of a special limited edition collection bearing the artist's Corporation approved facsimile signature.

Own a great art piece at an affordable price. This is your chance to own an excellent work of art from one of today's most collectable artists at an exceptionally affordable price.

The works are elegant and striking and make a fantastic statement anywhere. The King Tut Black Pottery Special Edition is in new mint condition and is highly desirable by collectors. The Verdult Black Pottery can only be found here and is offered at a special featured price. The Black Pottery Edition would be perfect for any elegant home, office, restaurant or place of business. The best deal going!