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Certificate of Authenticity and Insurance Appraisal

Need a Certificate of Authenticity and Insurance Appraisal (or COA)? We provide all types including originals, lithographs/reproductions, and sculptures. A new certificate of authenticity is recommended periodically. To have your Verdult art work evaluated and a Certificate of Authenticity and Insurance Appraisal issued complete the Pay here then complete your Appraisal Worksheets. After approval certificates are sent via second day air, return receipt requested.
William Verdullt Certificate of Authenticity and Insurance Appraisal
Leading auction houses consistently state that Yazzy's  ' and are the places to go for Verdult art.  

With over 5,000 plus auctions we provide cash sales, appraisals and auction records to leading on-line art sites. We are the recognized and leading authority on the William Verdult art market.

Get your Certificate of Authenticity from the Corporation who own any and all word-wide rights to Verdult Art. More Info>>

Art Financing, at Yazzy's at


Yazzy's Fine Art Corporation (formerly Wealth Enterprises Corporation) is offering a William Verdult fine Art Financing Program for art lovers and investors.

The art market is experiencing a record increase in growth. There has been a lot of news about this growth and increase in art prices.

In the past, only the most wealthiest individuals banking with private wealth sections in prestigious top flight banks were able secure loans to acquire art. The Corporation has a fine art loan financing program that will allow you to both acquire and enjoy original fine art from a listed artist; at great prices too!

Our art financing program is designed for investors and art lovers who understand and appreciates great value.

  • Program Benefits
  1. Get a valuable appraised asset below full market value.
  2. Take advantage of legal strategies to reduce your taxes saving more money for other investments, savings, or life enjoyment; like that vacation you have been perhaps putting off!
  3. Immediately increase your personal net worth for pennies on the dollar.
  4. Easy access to generous credit lines.
  5. Competitive and low interest rates.

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Art Consultation Services

Request for Art Consultation Services


Charles the GreatOur Art Consultation Service provides you with an up to date and independent voice on all matters pertaining to your Verdult art investment.

Whether you require expert consultation services involving Verdult art for estate planning, tax advantage planning, charitable contributions, bank financing and collateral, insurance matters and claims, or general investments matters with over 3,000 auctions, sales, appraisals, and insurance claims we are experts in the field of Verdult art.

Our corporation and its web sites ,,, and our extensive blogs are recognized by Christie’s and Sotheby’s as the authority on Verdult sales, valuations and market trends.

We track and supply major web sites such as with trends, prices, market value, and sales figures on Verdult art.

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Yazzy's at Directory of Services

f6.gifPart of a public company since 2002, we provide people with opportunities to enjoy, and invest in fine original, limited edition, and rare art. Our art work is unmatched for its price and quality.

We specialize in the works of William Verdult, “the Dutch Master.”  With the largest collection of Verdult artwork online, and over 3,000 auctions conducted, we provide art lovers and investors with modern day bench marks for the sale of Verdult artwork around the world.  Whether sold for cash, or assessed by third party certified appraisers, we track the actual market for Verdult artwork worldwide.  With over 250 limited edition and original pieces sold, we are one of the few companies with audited works of Verdult artwork. Leading auction houses say that we are the go to Company for Verdult art.

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Let a Letter of Estimate and Determinate Value Help You, Yazzy's at

Request for a Letter of Estimate and Determinate Value

You may be in a unique situation and require a letter of estimated or determinate value. Henry VII

Unique situations may involve individuals who, for example, are looking for funding with their bank and plan on using their art as collateral; in proceedings involving divorce and estate settlements where there is a question about value; accounting, as well as insurance and other value requirements.

In these cases we will prepare a letter signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and or another designated official attesting to the value of your particular artwork. The Corporation is in the unique position of conducting and reviewing Verdult auctions totaling over 3,000. In addition to tracking Corporate auctions, sales not involving auctions, the Corporation hires a national independent third party appraisers who specializes in Verdult art to provide full market value appraisals. These appraisals; auction sales, insurance claims, and other market value actions, are the basis of our letters of Estimates and Determinate Value.

Leading auction houses say we are the place to go for valuations and to get Verdult art work. We have conducted auctions of Verdult art totaling over 3,000 and counting Click to find out more....