Yazzy's at William Verdult Western Gallery

smwestern.gifThe first edition of what is known as is now open and available. We have started off with some great Original Portraits and Abstracts and  that are available. In the coming days, we will be adding other sections of the Gallery to include, landscapes, the King & Queen of Europe Series, King Tut Series, Portraits, Western Series, Palms, limited Edition lithographs and special editions rarely seen by the pubic. We would like your comments and suggestions on how we can improve things so let us hear from you in our Verdult Forum. Click here to Go to Western.

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By Invitation Only, Yazzy's at

Buy Invitation OnlyIs a Private Auction by Invitation Only.

Here is how the program works: At least every three months a Private Auction is held by invitation. During the private auction three things take place:

  1. 1. First rare works not seen by the public eye are presented to invited guests.

2. The items presented to guests will have great value, in most cases works will have already been appraised by the National Institute of Appraisers and their full market value will have been established; and

3. A great value will be passed on to invited guests. In other words not only will the art work be rare, guests will have the rare opportunity of acquiring the work at minimum cost.

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Some Truely Rare Stuff - Yazzy's at

Black China Pottery Special Edition 

Master Ramses III - The Rarest of Rare

For the first time ever Verdult's King Tut renderings are combined with China’s black pottery providing rare, exceptional one of a kind artwork.

Combining the significant works of William Verdult with China’s ancient and rare black pottery, Verdult’s King Tut Black Pottery Special Editionprovides investors, collectors, and art enthusiasts with an opportunity to own Verdult artwork that are truly rare.

As a listed artist Verdult’s King Tut renditions are known internationally, coupled with the grace, ageless beauty and magnificent charm of China’s ancient black pottery and you have a limited and rare edition of Verdult work previously not available anywhere.

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Yazzy's at Corporate Charitable Giving Program

Corporate Charitable Giving Program



As part of our mission to add value to peoples lives, the Corporation donates its products (an original William Verdult painting or limited edition lithograph) to non-profit organizations across the United States for the purposes of charitable fundraising.

Our intent is to honor as many requests as possible. To help streamline the procedures, and enhance the effectiveness of the Charitable Giving Program, we will only consider making donations to non-profit organizations that meet the following criteria.

1. Non-profit status We will only consider donations to valid non-profit organizations. Requesting organizations must provide their Federal 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Status I.D. number prior to consideration. Faith based organizations are eligible.

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Recap: 10 secrets you ought to know. Yazz's at

Romance10 secrets to get more than you thought possible from your charitable donations.

There is a reason why Warren Buffet, one of the smartest investors of all times, only pay 16% in taxes. Buffet uses some strategies that you will find right here.

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Charitable Donations

TIP #1: Donate Appreciated Objects The general rule is that you can deduct the full fair market value of the donation as of the date of the contribution.

 This is not the BASIS (what you paid for it), but the current fair market value. Now, how do you take advantage of that? Read on for the strategies that the rich use for buying appreciating assets, such as artwork, waiting for one year, and then taking a deductions for 10 times or more what they paid.

TIP #2: Donate Long-Term Capital Gain Objects

 The amount you can deduct for a contribution of ordinary income property is generally only your basis (cost) in the property, not the full fair market value. Property is ordinary income property if its sale at fair market value on the date it was contributed would have resulted in ordinary income or in short-term capital gain. Examples of ordinary income property are business inventory, works of art created by an artist donor, manuscripts prepared by the donor, and capital assets held one (1) year or less.

Now this is the important part: The deduction for appreciated long-term capital gain property is its full fair market value., while the deduction for ordinary income property is the lesser of fair market value or its basis.. You need to hold the property for at least one year and one day to take advantage of the full amount of the fair market value. And that’s a very important distinction if you’re planning to donate that has appreciated in value, like artwork.

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