21 Verdult Owners – Recouped $2.2 million

21 Verdult Owners – Recouped $2.2 million

In 2009, thanks to an innovative program created and administered by Wealth Enterprise Corporation, twenty –one Verdult owners earned $2.2 million.


If you own a Verdult painting we can show you how to extract its value in cash. Normally, three to five times what you paid for the artwork.

On average each investor earned about $105,000. These numbers are not too shabby for recouping investment dollars in an economy that is still on the mend.

To learn how you can do more with your Verdult painting than just having it displayed on the wall, why not do what some sharp Verdult owners have done and turn your Verdult paintings into cash – today.

Most of the 21 owners did not even own a Verdult painting or had even heard of William Verdult artwork before taking advantage of the program. On the other hand, many of you have had your Verdults for at least 2 to 5 years some even more. Why not turn this painting into cash today.

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Verdult King Tut Gicleé Edition, Yazzy's at 

Recognized world-wide for his famous renditions of the treasures of King Tut, for the first time ever, we are pleased to introduce you to the King Tut Gicleé Series.

The limited edition and rare Gicleé series features fine quality canvases of select works from the Tut Series.
The Gicleés were meticulously created after the original works of the Verdult Tut Series. They are created on canvas and done in a limited edition of 100. The Gicleés have the corporation-approved Verdult facsimile signature printed below the image.

Own a great art piece at an affordable price. This is your chance to own an excellent work of art print from one of today's most collectable artists at a exceptionally affordable price.

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Why Participate in Yazzy's Verdult Art Selling Program

sell1.pngWhy participate?

Yazzy’s deals virtually exclusively with Verdult art work. Conducting over 3,000 auctions and selling hundreds of limited edition lithographs and original paintings, the Corporation, with its cutting edge websites and blogs, is the premier destination for Verdult art.

Frequently major auction houses say we are the place to go for Verdult art work. We have conducted over 3,000 auctions of Verdult artwork and counting. As a public reporting company, we have audits by the Security and Exchange Commission registered Certified Public Accountants including Verdult art, and often commissioned the National Institute of Appraisers to conduct independent appraisals of Verdult art.


We are the only site on the Internet, and the only entity in existence that specifically tracks the market - primarily cash market - for the artwork of William Joseph Verdult.

We actively track and have verifiable records of cash sales for Verdult art.

To enhance shareholder value, we work with key on-line sites that track major artists' work to include William Joseph Verdult’s artwork in their data base. who recently signed an agreement with Sotheby's’ and other major on-line art locations and galleries are now beginning to maintain a list of works by William Joseph Verdult.

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COA Recall for Verdult Certificates of Authentication, Yazzy's at

Get a current COA that reflects today’s market

There has been much said and written about Verdults’ $15 million dollar painting.

Though we would love to have a $15 million dollar painting because we own the entire Verdult brand, there is no such thing as a $15 million dollar Verdult painting.


It is pretty simple - in recent times – or in fact in any time – no Verdult painting has ever sold for $15 million or anywhere close to that number.

How do we know? Again, it is simple. We own the Verdult brand. Since we are a public and reporting company, we cannot just say, we have a $15 million painting and put that number on the books. This just will not fly. Our Securities and Exchange (SEC) sanctioned certified public accountants want to see actual proof of a sale. Short of that they want to see an appraisal by an independent Certified Appraiser.

Prior to taking possession of the brand in 2006, to verify the value of paintings sold, the artist was required to turn over to the Corporation any and all sales receipts.

During the transition in 2006, at no time were we provided with any sort of sales receipts that would garner enough mustard to get past our SEC Certified public accountants.

Not only was the artist not able to come up with any sort of sales receipts approaching a million dollar number or several thousand dollars for that matter, actual sales, formal appraisals, IRS appraisals, insurance claim payments, formal audits, and more information in our data base support the findings that there has never been a sale approaching anywhere near a million dollars.

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Why Should You Own Verdult Art? Yazzy's at

Why Should You Own Verdult Art?

Here is our response to a recent email inquiry concerning owning Verdult art:

First let me say that we are not investment advisors and we do not purport to provide you with any sort of investment advice. That said, in the past year or so the value of Verdult paintings has increased two to three fold. This is the same trend in general with the overall art market.

We do not see this value decreasing anytime soon. We have been working with Verdult art work for four to five years and most reputable sites consider our company the experts in this artwork. Our intent is to get the paintings in places such as Christies and Sotheby’s so the true value of the art can be recognized.

We have done a number of things to achieve this goal including making sure that the prices are transparent and working with major art reporting sites such as and to ensure that Verdult paintings are well recognized and well received.

In addition to the normal appreciation and asset diversification strategies gained from owning art; there are tax advantages as well for those persons that want to participate in a tax donation program. So there are many ways to make money on your investment. It really depends upon your strategy and purpose for the investment.

In addition, please understand that the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) value is established by the artist and or company which can be much different from the actual market.

Most items that we market return a certified appraised market value by an independent and highly qualified third party appraiser of anywhere between 5 and 12 times the value paid for the artwork.


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