Yazzy's Fine Art Money Saving Tax Advantage Program

Yazzy’s Fine Art Money Saving Tax Advantage Program

yaztax.pngDo you have a Verdult painting and want to get the full value out of the painting as well as do some good in this world? Then consider participating in Yazzy’s Fine Art Charitable Tax Donation Program.

Here is an opportunity to get the full market value out of your artwork and do some good in this world too!

The program is designed to help individuals and businesses get the full market value out of their assets while getting a tax break and helping a worthy Charity or non-profit organization. Yazzy's Charitable Tax Donation Program is designed to help art lovers and investors with Verdult paintings as well as those owning other art to get market value out of their investment.

Wealthy individuals have been donating art to museums and other organizations for years and have received acceptable and legitimate tax write-offs.

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How to get the true value out of your Verdult artwork? - Yazzy's at

Did you know that you can get the true value out of your Verdult artwork, often times ten or more times what you paid for the artwork, as long as you follow the right steps to take advantage of the tax laws. The wealthy and smart people do – so can you.

Take a close look at our Yazzy’s Fine Art Money Saving Tax Advantage Program and uncover the hidden value in your art.

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10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Charitable Donations and you will find some powerful tax write-offs that can save you thousands of dollars for many years to come.

Here are some key points:

  • TIP #1: Donate Appreciated Objects The general rule is that you can deduct the full fair market value of the donation as of the date of the contribution. This is not the BASIS (what you paid for it), but the current fair market value.


  • TIP #2: Donate Long-Term Capital Gain Objects The amount you can deduct for a contribution of ordinary income property is generally only your basis (cost) in the property, not the full fair market value.


  • TIP # 3: Donate to a Public Rather Than Private Charity.


  • TIP #4: Make Sure the Public Charity meets the “Related Use Rule”

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Art of investment, Yazzy's at


AN ORIGINAL artwork can do magical things to a home. Breathing new life into a room, it can be an interesting conversation starter, an image to find solace in or a reminder of joyful memories.

Art can also be a lucrative investment.

Freelance curator Alison Kubler says finding a piece of art that moves you might take time, as will building a collection. For many, finding the confidence to buy a piece of art is the first stumbling block to overcome.

"I personally think that you should love a work first. I can't see the point of having a work you don't love and feel connected to,'' Ms Kubler says

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Luxury living to a fine art, Yazzy's at

SofitelChina_wideweb__470x313,0.jpgBriar Jensen has a brush with opulence at a five-star property designed to pamper and please.

I'm standing behind an easel, holding crisp white rice paper that torments me with its emptiness. Black ink drips from my poised paintbrush, matched by beads of sweat on my brow. There are two things I can't do - sing and paint. To save others from embarrassment and myself from humiliation, I refrain from doing either.

However, having just interviewed Shi Qi, one of China's most celebrated artists, whose enormous nine-by-six-metre masterpiece hangs on the wall in front of me, I'm horrified to be given an impromptu art lesson.

But this is China and as they say at the Sofitel, "Anything is possible."

I'm at the five-star Sofitel Wanda Beijing, a flagship property the company hopes will position Sofitel as one of the world's leading luxury hotel brands. And from what I'm experiencing, I'm sure it will.

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A Portrait of the Artist, in Bits and Pieces, Yazzy's at

Adapted from: “A Portrait of the Artist, in Bits and Pieces,” by Ken Johnson

According to the New York Times Back in 1989, when SoHo was still a booming contemporary-art center, Barbara Bloom produced a memorably trenchant installation called “The Reign of Narcissism” at Jay Gorney Modern Art on Greene Street. It was in the form of a neo-Classical period room in an imaginary museum dedicated to one Barbara Bloom. There were faux-antique marble busts portraying Ms. Bloom; fine teacups watermarked with her image; a 38-volume set of “The Complete Works of Barbara Bloom”; a tombstone with a carved epitaph that said, “She traveled the world to seek beauty” and many more artifacts testifying to the transcendent qualities of a great artist.

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