Today's Featured Painting

Today's Featured Painting

Henry IV
Henry IV - Original Oil Painting - Part of King and Queen of Europe Series
With over 3,000 auctions of Verdult art, the Yazzy's is recognized by Christie's and Sotheby's as the place to go to acquire Verdult art.  Click to buy


  • Artist William Verdult
  • Title: Henry VIII - Part of Kings and Queens of Europe Series
  • Frame: Framed
  • Type: Original Oil on Masonite
  • Registration Number: #assigned
  • Size: Painting: 30 X 40 inches | Frame: 40 x 49 inches
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Signed: by William Verdult - Artist
  • Certificate of Authenticity of Sale and Providence
  • Financing is available -click for details



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Tow the Mark
Tow The Mark

  • Features
  • One of a kind painting at a special price to promote the Corporation's new web site and store - at Yazzy's.
  • Paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Insurance Appraisal (COA) and a Certificate of conveyance.
  • Shipping cost include insurance and handling cut in half.

    Tow the Mark is on Sale!


Wild One Included As A Bonus Entry in the Auction

Wild OneIn addition to Charles the Great, Sacrifice and Free Land, and added surprise was included in the Private Auction. Wild One, an original oil on canvas size: H: 36 W: 48 inches (approx. Size) has been included as a bonus.

Wild One like Charles the Great, qualifies for in-house financing. Click here to review the in house Financing program. Click here to find out more about the private Invitation Only auction.

For details about the current auction, please see the newsletter.

As a reminder the auction details are as follows:

The Auction date is September 8-9, 2007 . Start time 8:00 AM . End time 7:00 PM (all times are Eastern Std).

Early registration is encouraged. Only registered guests are allowed to participate. If you have not registered for the private auction or need more details click here.

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Welcome to Yazzy's at ~ Site Preview!

Tow The Mark Special Deal

This item will be available from September 4 thru September 9, 2007.

At the price and the quality of the art, this item will not last long.

Welcome to Yazzy's at

For the next six days - the site will be available under Site PREVIEW Conditions. We will be cleaning up here and there.

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Seeking A Hedge For Art

According to The New York Sun, the uncertainty roiling the financial markets in recent weeks raises questions about the market for fine art, which has risen dramatically in recent years — and may also be ripe for a correction. But unlike holdings in other sectors, investors have no way to hedge against a fall in the art market. No derivatives market exists for works of art, unlike weather, or commodities, or, more recently, real estate prices.

The founders of a new art "hedge fund," however, envision a day when investors in the art market may be able to buy Impressionism futures, instead of an actual Monet. The Art Trading Fund, based in London, plans to develop an art market index — like the Dow or the S&P 500 — on the basis of which people could bet on which direction the market will go, one of the founders said in an interview.

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