Buy Invitation OnlyIs a Private Auction by Invitation Only.

Here is how the program works: At least every three months a Private Auction is held by invitation. During the private auction three things take place:

  1. 1. First rare works not seen by the public eye are presented to invited guests.

2. The items presented to guests will have great value, in most cases works will have already been appraised by the National Institute of Appraisers and their full market value will have been established; and

3. A great value will be passed on to invited guests. In other words not only will the art work be rare, guests will have the remarkable opportunity of acquiring the work at minimum cost.

By Invitation Only participating criteria includes the following:

  • You must be registered user of this site.SignIn
  • You must have purchased from the company.
  • Your purchase must be no less than $4,500 at the time of the auction.
  • You must be in good standing with Yazzy's and no overdue balances on any account.

How the invitation works:

  • If you meet the participating criteria we will send you personal invitation by email.
  • You will be asked to confirm the acceptance of the invitation.
  • Once confirmed, you will be provided permanent and exclusive access to the 'By Invitation Only" portion of this site which is password protected.

  How the Private Auction works:

  • Periodically but no less than three months, a Private "By Invitation Only" Auction is held.
  • Invited Guests receive invitations by email, including the date of the event, a preview of the art being auction, as well as the time, place, time for closing and whether a reserve as been set for the item auctioned.
  • Auctions are held by tell-conference and or by email.
  • Auctions rules are simple, the highest bidder wins the Auction.
  • There will be no more than two items auctioned.
  • All items will be rare and not readily made available to the public.

  If you have questions or comments, or want to know if you are on the "Invited Guest List", leave a comment or email us here.


Invitations are now being accepted

Let us know what you think about the program!